Boat Ramps

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Boat Ramps

St. Johns County has 14 Boat ramps spread throughout the county that allow boaters to enjoy both Salt and Fresh Water access free of charge. For more information: (904) 209-0333. Boat Ramp Locations Map

Salt Water Boat Ramps: East Intracoastal

Boating Club Road Boat Ramp
615 Boating Club Rd, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°56'34.59"N -- Long: 81°18'30.99"W  
1 Boat Ramp, Parking Lot, Trash Cans

Frank Butler West Boat Ramp
400 Riverside Blvd, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°47'15.23"N -- Long: 81°16'03.91"W  
1 Boat Ramp, Double Access, Dock with Floating Dock, Picnic Shelters, Tables, Parking Lot, Barbeque Pit, Barbeque Grills, Clam Bake Pit, Trail network, Observation Area, Restrooms

Green Road Boat Ramp
180 Green Rd, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°45'44.78"N -- Long: 81°15'13.71"W     
Single Access, Dock, Parking Limited to Southside of Green Rd

Guana State Park Boat Ramp
N. A1A, Ponte Vedra Beach (Map)
GPS Lat: 30°01'24.13"N -- Long: 81°19'40.39"W  

Lighthouse Park Boat Ramp
442 Ocean Vista Ave, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°53'08.84"N --  Long: 81°17'08.53"W 
2 Boat Ramps, Dock, Picnic Tables, Grills, Bench, Bleacher, Water Fountains, Parking Lot

Palmetto Road Boat Ramp
395 Palmetto Rd, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°47'27.02"N -- Long: 81°16'06.93"W 
1 Boat Ramp, Dock, Limited Parking

Palm Valley Boat Ramp
383 S Roscoe Blvd, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 30 7’57.88”N -- Long: 81 23’6.43”W  
Boat Ramp Single Access, Dock with Floating Dock, Portable Restrooms, Parking Lot

Usina Boat Ramp
603 Euclid Ave, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29 56’56.42”N -- Long: 81 18’36.07”W 
Boat Ramp Double Access, Dock with Floating Dock, Fishing Pier, Observation Platform, Restrooms, Parking Lot

Salt Water Boat Ramps: West Intercoastal

Vilano Boat Ramp
101 Vilano Causeway, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°54'42.37"N -- Long: 81°18'30.56"W 
3 Boat Ramps, 2 Docks with floating docks, Picnic Pavilion and Tables, Restroom Building with Concessions, Parking Lot

Doug Crane Boat Ramp
1039 Shore Dr, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°51'18.48"N -- Long: 81°18'43.77"W   
1 Boat Ramp, Table, Portable Restroom, Parking Lot

Moultrie Creek Boat Ramp
4805 Shore Dr, St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°49'44.38"N -- Long: 81°18'49.59"W   
1 Boat Ramp, Dock with Floating Dock, Trail Network, Parking Lot

Fresh Water Boat Ramps: St. Johns River

Palmo Road Boat Ramp
8600 Palmo Fish Camp Rd., St. Augustine (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°58'01.66"N -- Long: 81°34'02.48"W

Riverdale Park Boat Ramp
981 CR 13, Fruit Cove (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°49'28.89"N -- Long: 81°33'11.40"W    
1 Boat Ramp, Tables, Grills, Parking Lot, Restrooms

Trout Creek Park Boat Ramp
6795 Collier Rd, Orangedale (Map)
GPS Lat: 29°59'04.70"N -- Long: 81°33'48.37"W  
1 Boat Ramp, Grills, Restroom

More Information

For more information, contact St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Department @ (904) 209-0333.