Surveying and Mapping

What We Do

The Surveying and Mapping Division provides project and Geodetic Surveying services to various County programs and departments.

Project surveying includes boundary surveys, topographical surveys, right-of-way surveys, as-built surveys, construction stake-out, and sketches and descriptions for recording purposes. Consulting and expert testimony are provided to the State Attorney's Office and the County Attorney's Office.

Geodetic surveying includes providing the County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division with geodetic control for the base map layer of the GIS.

St. Johns County Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS)

St. Johns County has three CORS stations covering the County offering single baselines solutions. We also stream raw data to FDOT for their statewide network. For additional information please contact Scott Lane at (904) 209-0766 or email him at  with any questions. Click for more information.

Information and Data Available
  • FTP Downloads
  • St. Johns County Implements Digital Plat Submittal Requirements.
  • St. Johns County has a three mile geodetic control network. For a copy of this survey contact: Gail Oliver.
  • St. Johns County maintains Benchmarks throughout the County. These Benchmarks are based on closed level runs between published Benchmarks.  It is suggested you search for a published Benchmark at prior to contacting St. Johns County as many times there are more Benchmarks available on the Labins web site than there are in the County’s database.  If there is not a published Benchmark on the Labins web site near your project, then contact: Scott Lane.
  • Flood Zone information can be obtained from our Development Services Division @ (904) 209-0718
  • Survey Records of County roads and County owned property are open to the public. To review this information please phone (904) 209-0760. Please note: St. Johns County Surveying and Mapping only surveys County owned property. We do not survey or have copies of surveys of privately owned land. For a copy of your survey, contact the surveyor, title company, or attorney that handled your closing. For more information, visit our FAQs page.
1999 St. Johns County GPS Control Network

1999 St. Johns County GPS Control Network
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2003 St. Johns County and Woolpert
GPS Control Network

2003 St. Johns County and Woolpert GPS Control Network
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