Social Services

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Health and Human Services Accreditations Health and Human Services is proud to announce that the Council on Accreditation has reaccredited the Family Integrity Program and accredited the Social Services division. This accomplishment distinguishes Social Services as among an exceptionally limited number of county-operated Social Services holding this accreditation. Press Release.

General Assistance

The Social Services Department provides assistance to St. Johns County resident individuals and families who lack the resources to obtain necessary medical or other general assistance. The funding for these services is discretionary and may be discontinued or reduced at any time. Staff will serve as "navigators" to link clients to other resources or services that may provide direct financial support as available and appropriate.  

Services Provided to Eligible Residents
  • Doctor Visits
  • Limited Prescription Assistance
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Services
  • Emergency Rent Assistance
  • Emergency Utilities Assistance
  • Eligibilty Determination for:
    • Solid Waste Tax Exemption
    • Humanitarian Waiver
  • Referrals to Other Community Agencies

Social Services staff remain up-to-date with services available within the community and will provide you with information and assist you in navigating through the available community resources. Social Services provides assistance to St. Johns County residents under the umbrella of the Health and Human Services Department. Clients must follow through with referrals to other agencies.

Coverage Guidelines

Program services are available for applicants without health insurance coverage. For those with inadequate coverage, the Social Services Department will not supplement or provide assistance for persons who have reached the maximum coverage of their insurance.

County Residency

Applicants for all types of service provided through St. Johns County must be physically residing in the County and provide verification of residency. Persons are considered County residents when they establish and maintain a living arrangement, outside of an institution, which they, or someone responsible for them, consider to be their home. The length of time a person physically resides in the County will not be a determining factor provided they don't maintain a residence in another County or State. Students who are away from home attending school will be considered residents of the County in which their parents live if they are claimed as dependents by their parents for Income Tax purposes.






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