Small Business Development Center

Owning a Small Business in St. Johns County just got easier!

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of North Florida in partnership with St. Johns County offers a full-service location in St. Johns County.

The SBDC in St. Johns County office is located in the Growth Management Permit Center, 4040 Lewis Speedway, at the main County complex in St. Augustine. The SBDC consultant also travels regularly to serve business owners in other areas of the County.

The SBDC consultant works exclusively with small business owners in St. Johns County providing management advice and technical assistance with little to no cost. You can make an appointment by calling the SBDC at (904) 209-1295.

The resource is valuable to all small business owners in St. Johns County.

About the SMDC
Since 1976, the SBDC at UNF has helped over 35,000 small businesses in an 18-county area. The SBDC at UNF provides assistance through management advice and technical training with little to no-cost to the potential, fledgling and/or well-established small business owners.

More Information
Phone: (904) 209-1295 or 1-800-450-4624





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