Road & Bridge


Project 210 – Your Connection to the CR 210 / I-95 Improvement Project

Our Multi-faceted Responsibilities

The Road and Bridge Department provides general maintenance for all County Roadways and Drainage Facilities, which includes but is not limited to roadway construction, pothole repair, culvert replacements, ditch cleaning, road grading and the removal or cutting back of trees on County right-of-ways. This Department also provides for mining operations in the County Borrow Pits and other functions needed to keep the County roadways safe and to keep the stormwater facilities functional. In addition, the Road & Bridge Supervisors provide the service of staking culvert and swale driveway elevations for new residential and commercial driveways and follow up through to the final inspection.

Concerns or Requests

If you have a roadway or drainage concern on a County Road you may call in a work request directly to the Road & Bridge Department at (904) 209-0246. For after hours, Holidays and weekends, please call (904) 824-8304 (Sheriffs Department Dispatch) or (904) 829-2226 (Fire Rescue Dispatch). If a life threatening emergency, call 911.






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