Biodiesel Fuel Program

Recycle Cooking Oil and Help Power
St. Johns County Vehicles!

You can help our environment and economy by recycling your used cooking oil. The County Biodiesel Program, Solid Waste and Utility Pretreatment Departments ask for your help in recycling used cooking grease to convert into environmentally friendly fuel.

Biodiesel fuel is biodegradable, safer for the environment than other fuels, and costs less to make. Grease poured down the drain clogs pipes and causes sewer overflows causing costly clean-ups and environmental fines. It also makes its way into our waterways and pollutes our water. Get the Biodiesel Recycling Flyer and see the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization Clean Cities program advertisement saluting St. Johns County for making a difference.

How You can Help

Bring Used Cooking Grease to these Collection Points:

Biodiesel Fuel Department (Map)
2730 Industry Center Rd., St Augustine, FL 32084, (904) 209-0291

Tillman Ridge Landfill (Map)
3005 Allen Nease Rd., Elkton, FL 32033, (904) 827-6980

Stratton Road Transfer Station (Map)
250 North Stratton Rd., St Augustine, FL 32095, (904) 827-6980

Anastasia Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (Map)
860 West 16th St., St Augustine, FL 32080, (904) 209-2700

Solid Waste Community Collection Events
Held throughout St. Johns County
(904) 827-6980

  • Please be aware that your container will not be returned.
  • Allow used cooking grease to cool and store it in a safe container that will not melt or shatter.
  • Bring it to a collection point to be recycled into biodiesel fuel. Do not put it in a curbside bin.

For More Information

SJC Biodiesel Program
P: (904) 209-0291

SJC Solid Waste
P: (904) 827-6980 ext. 4820

SJC Utility Pretreatment
P: (904) 471-8486 ext. 202