Growth Management

Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code Amendment Meetings

St. Johns County will be holding public hearings regarding various amendments to the St. Johns County Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Code on January 15th, 2015 at 1:30 pm. in front of the Planning and Zoning Agency and on February 17th, 2015 at 5:01pm in front of the Board of County Commissioners in the Auditorium at 500 San Sebastian Way, Saint Augustine, FL 32084. Meeting Details.

Streamlined Permitting

St Johns County Growth Management has improved the permitting process to save time and money for applicants wishing to obtain permits for new residential construction or home renovations. Applicants are now only required to complete one Building Permit Application that contains both a Clearance Sheet and a Building Permit Application. Applicants may submit requests for a clearance sheet and building permit simultaneously if they wish, or sequentially (clearance sheet then building permit) at their choice. For more information, call (904) 209-0724.

Interactive Mapping

Development Tracker Map – Learn more about what's happening in and around St. Johns County neighborhoods including rezoning applications and special use permits with our new Interactive Mapping tool. View a map of the County with permiting activity mapped by color-coded dots. Click the dots to view an overlay window that descibes the project and its status. Development Tracker

Growth Management Department

The Growth Management Department facilitates well-designed, efficient, healthy, and safely built developments, while ensuring protection of the natural and cultural environment.

Responsibilities include long range planning, environmental planning and education, building permitting, and development review. In coordination with state and federal laws, the Department ensures compliance with all County codes and regulations including the Comprehensive Plan, Florida Building Code, Ponte Vedra Zoning Ordinances, and Land Development Code, as well as maintaining related public records.

The Department is organized into five major Divisions:
  • Building Services Division
    The Building Services Division issues permits and inspects construction activity in St. Johns County to protect life, health and property.  Find information on permitting, inspections, and contractor licensing. Permit Status: To check the status of an application for a building permit, clearance sheet, or development click here.
  • Development Review Division
    • Development Review Manual
    • Application Management
      Development Review Committee, Commercial plan review and inspection, Subdivision plan review and inspection, Construction Surety (bonds, letters of credit), As-Built review & inspection, Lot grading drainage complaints. View Pending Applications.
    • Clearance Sheets
      Requirement for Building Permit, Flood zone determinations, Residential driveway permits, Coastal Building Zone/Coastal Construction Control Line determinations (Click to check Review Status.)
    • Code Enforcement
      Public Request Inquiry Data Exchange (PRIDE), Special Magistrate, political and advertising signs, junk and abandoned vehicles, mobile sales units, minimum dwelling standards, parking of heavy vehicles in residential areas
    • Planning and Zoning
      Rezoning, Overlay Districts, Special Use Permits, Sign Permits, Occupational License
  • Transportation Development Division
    • Development Technical
      Technical Division is responsible for the review, construction inspection, and acceptance of all privately-funded development projects.
    • Transit
      St. Johns County is responsible for the administration and management of that funding in providing public transportation services throughout the County which includes both fixed route and demand response services.
    • Transportation Planning / Concurrency
      Transportation Planning efforts include immediate and long term coordination and planning to achieve a balanced transportation system (safe and efficient) for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, including development of the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan and the Traffic Circulation Plan, as well as implementation and management of the Concurrency Management System to maintain adopted levels of service.
  • Environmental Division
    The Environmental Division has a wide range of responsibilities that include safeguarding of the County’s protected animals, plants and habitats; protecting historic and prehistoric sites; managing County land for mitigation and invasive plant removal; ensuring County facilities comply with state and federal regulations; reviewing proposed new development or construction for required environmental and cultural protections; and protecting St. Johns County’s surface waters through stormwater control.
  • Long Range Planning Division
    Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Large and Small Scale, Development of Regional Impact) applications, Sector Plans.