Development Review Division


Development Tracker Map – Learn more about what's happening in and around St. Johns County neighborhoods including rezoning applications and special use permits with our new Interactive Mapping tool. View a map of the County with permiting activity mapped by color-coded dots. Click the dots to view an overlay window that descibes the project and its status. Development Tracker

Pending Applications Report – Our monthly listing of current projects that require public hearings before architectural and design review boards, planning and zoning agencies, and / or the County Commission. Includes brief descriptions, application status, and a locations map. View report.

About the Development Review Division

Development Services provides efficient, effective and professional services for the permitting and enforcement of the County’s codes relating to the development of land and the State of Florida regulations relating to the health, safety and welfare of residents and visitors of St. Johns County.

  • Development Review Manual
    The Development Review Manual is intended to help users of the Land Development Code understand the review and decision making processes outlined in the LDC. The manual includes applications and forms, as well as information on application submittal requirements and review procedures.
  • Development Review
    Development Review Committee, Commercial plan review and inspection, Subdivision plan review and inspection, Construction Surety (bonds, letters of credit), As-Built review & inspection, Lot grading drainage complaints
  • Clearance Sheets
    Requirement for Building Permit, Flood zone determinations, Residential driveway permits, Coastal Building Zone/Coastal Construction Control Line determinations (Click to check Review Status.)
  • Code Enforcement
    Public Request Inquiry Data Exchange (PRIDE), Special Magistrate, political and advertising signs, junk and abandoned vehicles, mobile sales units, minimum dwelling standards, parking of heavy vehicles in residential areas
  • Planning and Zoning 
    Rezoning, Overlay Districts, Special Use Permits, Sign Permits, Occupational License