Short Term Vacation Rentals


The Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance is established to provide for registration, basic health, safety, parking and solid waste requirements to help mitigate the effects of short term vacation rentals in an attempt to make them safer, more compatible with existing neighborhood regulations and provide accountability for their proper operation. The County desires to encourage short term vacation rentals that are safe, fit in with the character of the neighborhood, provide positive impacts for tourism, increase property values and achieve a greater neighborhood compatibility while balancing respect for private property rights and incompatibility concerns between investors/short term vacation rentals and families/single family residences in established residential neighborhoods through the use of reasonable development standards.

Registration Process


Each dwelling unit, or portion thereof, used as a short term vacation rental shall be registered with the County and renewed every 12 months.


If you have a complaint regarding short-term vacation rental properties, please call the Complaint Line at (904) 320-2442 or email Please check back here for updates regarding complaint procedures for short-term vacation rental properties.