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Our program is charged with the enforcement of non-criminal ordinances of the county. We respond to citizen's concerns relative to a wide range of issues which affect the environment, health, safety, property values and the general well being of our constituents and community.

This site offers information and links to brochures which explain the Code Enforcement Program, and some of the ordinances that guide our operation along with a convenient Who to Call guide for a variety of situations.

Code Enforcement Information

  • Guide to Code Enforcement – An overview of the role of Code Enforcement, common issues, who to contact, and potential penalties. Also available as a brochure for download.
  • Who Do I Call...? – Local and Neighborhood ordinances are governed by a variety of departments. This guide will steer you in the correct direction for the most common complaints we receive. Also available as a brochure for download.
  • Citizen’s Guide to Understanding the Housing Code – An overview of the housing code, health and safety issues, common issues and legal procedures.
  • Downloads – Guide to Code Enforcement, sign provisions, and Housing Codes.

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For more information, please contact Code Enforcement, (904) 209-0734 or