Who Do I Call.... ?

Code Enforcement Issues
Boat , RV, Trailer in yard. 2.04.03 & 2.04.04
Commercial Vehicle Parking 2.04.02
Fences, height or too close to property line. 2.02.04.B.12
Grass over 12" inches high (only in Ponte Vedra and Dolphin Cove). Ordinance 93-25
Living in RVs 2.04.04
More than 3 unrelated residents in home. 12.01.00 defines family
Operating business from home. 2.02.04.B.9
Prohibited Signs 7.08.00
Special Event Signs – Banners, Flags, Balloons 7.03.00
Landlord does not fix property. Standard Housing Codes
Dogs – too many (more than 5 over 10 weeks old). 2.02.04.B.1
Too many garage sales. 2.02.04.B.13
Unsafe Buildings Ordinance 2000-48
Vehicles without tags. 2.04.03
Contact Code Enforcement, (904) 209-0734 or codenf@sjcfl.us.

Drainage Issues
New construction drainage issues.
Contact Drainage, 209-0722.

Right of Way Issues
Anything in Right of Way
Driveway Built in Right of Way
County Ditch Mowing
Contact Road and Bridge, 209-0266.

Construction and/or Site Issues
Building without a permit
Contracting without license (Contact: 827-6820).
Building, Pools, House, commercial Building, Plumbing, Electrical
Trash blowing on job sites.
Certificate of Occupancy
Landscape Inspections (Residential Only)
Contact Building Department, 827-6800.

Landscaping Issues
Removing protected trees.
Clearing commercial property without permit.
Contact Landscaping, 209-0419.

Environmental Health Issues
Septic Tank Leaks
Anything pertaining to Wells.
Animals that bite someone.
Rats on Property
Contact Environmental Health, 823-2514.

Trash / Solid Waste Issues
Dumping on Vacant Property
Solid waste at roadside not being picked up.
Trash in the County Right of Way
Contact Solid Waste, 824-9720.

Misc. Issues
Vehicles in County Right of Way
Construction too early or late.
Barking Dogs
Loose livestock or chickens.
Contact Sheriff's Office, 824-8304.

Zoning Issues
Zoning Codes
Permissible Zone Usages
Variances – Special Use – Temporary Use
Contact Zoning, 209-0675.

Burning Issues
If it is a new subdivision (development) refer to Division of Forestry as this is who issues the permit to burn.
Contact 1-850-488-4274.
For open burning by a homeowner that may be in violation of state regulations, or posing a hazard, please contact the Fire Rescue dispatch office. This is a 24 hour number, please call while the burning is still in progress.
Contact 829-2228.

Vendor Issues
Tax Collector's Office to verify Local Business Tax status.
Contact 209-2250.
If vendor outside of public business call Sheriff's Office.
Contact 824-8304.

Property Line Issues
Overhanging Tree
Property Line Dispute
Civil Matters, not overseen by County Government.

Code Enforcement Contact

(904) 209-0734 or codenf@sjcfl.us.